Lawn Art

Tractor Chicken $38.00

Available in your favorite tractor
colors or custom colors or rustic

Dragon Fly $45.00

Colors Blue, Grey and Yellow

When Pigs Fly $150.00

Pig Flower Planter

Grasshopper $35.00

Also available in smaller version $25.00 
(price/picture shown is for larger version)

Campfire Grill $150.00

Fire ring, pot, & chain not included

Sunflowers $80.00

Hummingbirds Sold Separately ($25.00)

Weener Dog $40.00

Brown, Black & Red

Butterfly $50.00

Available Painted or Rustic

Track shovel chicken $45.00

Custom Colors available

Centipede $35.00


Duck $40.00

Available as shown or white and orange

Grazing chicken $38.00

Custom Colors available

Parrot $125.00


Rooster $40.00

Available as shown

Momma & Baby Birds $60.00

Custom Colors available

porcupine $60.00

Available as shown